Would you pay $300 for a bottle of barrel-aged beer?

April 11, 2014

TAPS barrel-aged brew has reached cult status, with online demand sending prices soaring.

Whenever they paid a visit, my Canadian parents used to marvel over California’s wacky extremes. To denizens of the frigid north, this was a land of unimaginable exotica. House plants that grew outdoors! $15 car washes! Pet therapists!

Here’s one I wish they’d lived to see: a $300 bottle of beer.

That’s right; some people – people who live right here in Orange County – are crazy enough to lay down three Benjamins for a beer.

It didn’t start at that price. When Taps Fish House & Brewery released Remy’s Pappy, its barrel-aged Imperial Russian Stout, on Feb. 16, it was pegged at $35 for a 750 ml. bottle. Now the widely coveted libation is selling online for a lot more. Perhaps that’s because its reputation was already in the stratosphere: Last year Taps’ Trace of Remy scored a phenomenal 99 out of 100 on BeerAdvocate.com. This year, Remy’s Pappy got a perfect 100. Of course, it’s also rare: Only 90 cases were produced…